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Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line

Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line   ##ABB of Pump Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut...
  • Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Food Shop, Other
  • None
  • Henan, China, Henan, China
  • Electric
  • 220V/380V/Customerised, 220V/380V/Customerised
  • 154kw
  • 2000 KG
  • 8000*1250*1200
  • 1280L
  • 1 Year
  • High Productivity
  • Hot Product 2019
  • Provided
  • Provided
  • 1 Year

Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line Details

Applicable Industries:Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Food Shop, Other Showroom Location:None
Place of Origin:Henan, China, Henan, China Power Source:Electric
Voltage:220V/380V/Customerised, 220V/380V/Customerised Power:154kw
Weight:2000 KG Dimension(L*W*H):8000*1250*1200
Capacity:1280L Warranty:1 Year
Key Selling Points:High Productivity Marketing Type:Hot Product 2019
Machinery Test Report:Provided Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Warranty of core components:1 Year Core Components:PLC, Motor, Engine
Model Name:DBS-8000 Product name:Deep Fryer
Function:Frying Food Application:Food factory,Restaurant
Material:Stainless Steel 304 After-sales Service:Video technical support
Heating type:Electric,Gas Other services:Customerised

Groundnut Peanut Continuous Frying Machine Description

Flow Chart For Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line

Flow Chart For Flow Chart For Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line


##ABB of Pump Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line Parameter list##

No.dDBCWeightInventoryMinimum Buy Quantity
MR855 mm8 mm2 mm0,218 kN - - -
EX209-27G2T2042.86 mm85 mm42.8 mm22 mm0.91 kg - -
6303LLB/5K17 mm47 mm14 mm - - - -
UCWTPL207-22CW - - - - 0.7990.0N/A
UCNST207-20NPMZ2RF - - - - 1.2260.0N/A
SC611DS - - - - 0.0420.0N/A
M252337/10247,65 mm381 mm74,612 mm57,15 mm - - -
UCP31365 mm - 75 mm - - - -
HK2220 - 28 mm - 20 mm - - -
96290 - - - - - - -


##Bearing Part Of Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line Parameters##

No.DdBWeightSize StandardsTypeMinimum Buy Quantity
QVVPL19V080SEC4.63 Inch | 117.602 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter3.74 Inch | 95 Millimeter17.706 - - N/A
594-902196 Inch | 152.4 Millimeter3.75 Inch | 95.25 Millimeter - 5.42 - - N/A
BF208-40MM - - - 0.817 - - N/A
ET06162 in3/4 in - - - - -
29519-07643.4750 in - - 0.24 lb - - -
6204LLBNR472014 - Metric SystemBall -
6316ZC31708039 - Metric SystemBall -
lj4e-rhp7.25 Inch4 Inch1.25 Inch - - - -
QJ312130 mm60 mm - - - - -
53248U+U248335 mm240 mm - - - - -
710402 - - - - - - -



##Customer Cases For Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line For Factory In 2021##

1Frying Machine Process In Egypt
2Factory Price Continuous Fryer Machine / Banana Chips Fryer / Chips Frying Machine Process In Morocco
3Industrial Chips Frying Machine Fried Chicken Machine Continuous Frying Machine Sale In Nigeria
4Lj-3500 Deep Groundnut Frying Machine Process In Russia
5Industrial Fried Food Equipment/Energy-Saving Frying Machines Fryer Machine with High ... For Sale Zimbabwe
6Gas Onion Fried Fryers Namkeen Continuous Deep Fryer Machine For Sale Singapore


##Customer Case Of Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line At 2022##

1Ndustrial Almond Roasting Machine/Nut Drying Machine/Nut Roaster Sale In India
2Automatic Stainless Steel Groundnut Banana Chips Garri Frying Machine Price Process In Singapore
3Commercial Peanut Roasting Machine Sale In Greece
4All Stainless Steel Fryer Machine For Sale Process In Greece
5Easy to Clean Automatic Continuous Groundnut Frying Machine Process In Mexico
6Gas Onion Fried Fryers Namkeen Continuous Deep Fryer Machine For Sale South Africa



##Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line Project Price List##

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
KFC chicken frying machine/ continuous fryer high limit thermostat/ price groundnut frying machine 1 Set US$1355US$6848
Factory price continuous automatic peanut roasting machine cashew nut roaster machine 1 Set US$1773US$6122
Groundnut Peanut Machine Whole Price Factory Directly Sale Cashew Nut Groundnut Peanut Kernel Grading Machine 1 Set US$1509US$6127
Industrial Fryer Groundnut Hamburger Peanut Churro Potato Chips Continuous Frying Machine 1 Set US$1712US$7528
fully automatic frying production line continuous frying machine gas frying machine 1 Set US$1019US$6987
China Factory Seller peanut continuous frying machine for sell 1 Set US$1967US$7785
gas fryer french fries peanut continuous frying machine high quality kettle chips frying machine 1 Set US$1478US$5052
Commercial continuous peanut almond pumpkin seeds groundnut frying machine in shandong 1 Set US$1075US$6047
Peanut Machine Cashew Roasting Machine Hot Sale Automatic Small Commercial Sunflower Seeds Cashew Nut Peanut Roasting Machine 1 Set US$1447US$7131
Good Price Cashew Nut Peanut Groundnut Vacuum Frying Machine 1 Set US$1271US$7761



Automatic Falafel Continuous Fryer Machine/Peanut Frying Line Video


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This peanuts peas beans fryer machine is multi-functional for frying different kinds of food. It's widely used in fried food processing business.

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Capacity:200-500 kg/h; Processing Objects: Peanut, groundnut; Application: This continuous peanut fryer machine is mainly used to fry food, like potato ...

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Exporting to more than 170 countries. Best peanut Frying Machine, peanut Fryer Machine groundnut fryer machine Sunflower Seeds Frying Machine Supplied by ...Dimensions Per Unit: 2.1 x 1.65 x 1.73 MetersOrigin: China

Continuous peanut fryer

Continuous peanut fryer is the key parts during fried peanut production, it receipts blanching peanuts, bring them to heated oil, during frying, the peanuts ...

Peanut Frying Machine Manufacturer - Quality Groundnut ...

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of peanut fryer machines, we design and manufacture a great variety of industrial deep fryers for peanuts. In fact, ...May 11, 2020 · Uploaded by Gelgoog Fruit&Vegetable Machinery

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How much oil should I put in the fryer?

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  • 3、... peanut oil delivers boldness of flavor, beneficial nutrients and a variety of opportunities for your delicious dishes. Cooking Temperature: Medium-High.
  • 4、Mar 21, 2020 — Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. · Place your shelled or unshelled peanut in your seasoned cast-iron skillet or on your roasting pan.
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  • 6、How long do you roast peanuts? — Place the raw peanuts in a single layer inside a shallow ... Stir the peanuts once or twice during cooking time.
  • 7、by J Khan · 2021 — for normal and high oleic peanuts respectively with sample size, roast time and power/temperature as dependent variables and L* as a ...
  • 8、... Roasting is defined as the heat treatment at temperatures above 125 C, at which non-enzymatic reactions occur to form pigments with specific yellow-brown ...
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  • 9、I purchased fifty pounds of raw jumbo blanched Virginia peanuts at $1 per pound from the Wakefield Peanut Company® in Wakefield, Virginia.

How to build a roasted peanut factory?

  • 1、They make a speedy snack. Roasted in the air fryer and toasted with just a little bit of olive oil and salt, these will soon be one of your go-to snacks.
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  • 7、Apr 14, 2021 — Highly-refined/refined: These oils are most common in commercial kitchens and are typically used for cooking or frying. Because this type of oil ...
  • 8、Oct 9, 2020 — Peanut oil is one of the healthiest types of cooking oils on the market. ... You can use peanut oil for baking, frying, deep-frying and ...
  • 9、Aug 6, 2020 — Canola oil is one of the oils highest in monounsaturated fat, ... It can be used as a salad dressing and for baking and frying.

Which machine do I need to use to roast peanuts?

  • 1、Jun 26, 2014 — They do still have a fair few calories but they have to be better ... I prefer to use the oven method for preparing my own roasted peanuts.
  • 2、Jun 12, 2013 — This is because roasted peanuts are a popular snack and there is a ... If required, it can be converted to use firewood as a fuel source
  • 3、You do need to coat the peanuts with something to help the spices stick during roasting. I use a beaten egg white. Seems to work fine, and I don't notice ...2 answers  ·  Top answer: 1. Medium heat 2. Give them a ‘shake’ every ten or fifteen seconds If you walk away, ...
  • 4、Jul 9, 2015 — If you want to roast a large batch, then it is better to use two trays ... enough peanuts in it, all I do is scrape the walls of the machine ...
  • 5、Sep 7, 2020 — It is so easy to use that even my kids can use it. They often cook their frozen snacks in it without much effort. If you are on diet watch then ...
  • 6、This peanut roasting machine is featured by the small size & high flexibility with reliable performance. Suitable for roasting peanuts, sunflower seeds etc.
  • 7、Small Electric Heating Peanut Roasting Machine is a kind of food process machinery which can be used to roast the chestnut, peanut, almond, melon seeds and ...
  • 8、I'm not sure, though about adding more fish/soy sauce - would it take longer to bake off the moisture and thereby scorch the nuts? Maybe just more ginger and ...
  • 9、You don't need anything except for dry roasted peanuts, and maybe salt. You can use unsalted or salted peanuts in this recipe, but if yours aren't salted, ...


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